Which is better for Supor and Jiuyang Wall Breaking Machine?

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A blender with a wall-breaking function is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that can be very helpful for making breakfast at home. When choosing a blender, what parameters should we look at? Which is better between SUPOR and Joyoung blenders? Let's take a look today.

Which is better for Supor and Jiuyang Wall Breaking Machine?

Parameters to consider when choosing a blender:

  1. Rated Power

The rated power is the sum of the stirring power and heating power. You should choose a product with suitable stirring power based on your needs. Common sense dictates that the greater the power, the stronger the stirring effect. However, when choosing, we shouldn't blindly opt for high power because electricity consumption, noise, and whether our household can effectively utilize such a high-power machine are all relevant considerations. Currently, the common stirring power on the market ranges from 400W to 1500W.

  1. Number of Blades

The number of blades does not directly determine the strength of power. It seems from a common sense perspective that more blades are better, but in reality, the motor power is the most important source of power for the blender. The number of blades affects the fineness of grinding and the mouthfeel. More blades mean the food ground will be finer and have a better taste, which is more friendly for the elderly and children.

  1. Blade Material

The mainstream blade materials on the market are 304 stainless steel, refined steel, and high-carbon steel. Refined steel and high-carbon steel are both types of hard alloys, which have a much longer service life and higher strength than stainless steel. If possible, it is recommended to choose blades made of hard alloy materials like refined steel or high-carbon steel.

  1. Heating Method

There are mainly two types of heating methods: traditional bottom cup heating and physical heating. Traditional bottom cup heating involves adding a device similar to a heating pot at the bottom of the cup to achieve cooking through blending and stirring; physical heating generates heat through the high-speed rotation and friction of the blades. It is recommended to choose models with physical heating.

  1. Cleaning Method

There are mainly two cleaning methods for blenders on the market:

The first type is a self-cleaning mode, similar to the self-cleaning cycle of a washing machine, where you can clean it by adding water and running a cycle.

The second type is the traditional handwash mode, where you need to disassemble the cup and wash it manually.

Recommended Blender Models:

Westinghouse (Westinghouse) Blender with Heating, Home Multifunctional, Denoising Vacuum Blender Cooking Machine with Smart Scheduling and Insulation for Baby Food and Soy Milk WFB-HS0466

Joyoung (Joyoung) ZMD Anxin Series Blender, Home Denoising, Scheduled Heating Soy Milk Machine, Cooking Machine, Breakfast Machine, Meat Grinder, Juicer, Baby Food Machine L18-P386

SUPOR (SUPOR) Blender, Easy-to-Clean Disassemblable Series, Home Multifunctional, Soy Milk Machine with Multidimensional Noise Reduction, Smart Scheduling, Juicing, Grinding, and Baby Food Machine SP902S

Midea (Midea) Quiet Blender, 46dB Soft Sound Soy Milk Machine, Baby Food Machine, Cooking Machine MJ-PB80S2

DAEWOO (DAEWOO) Quiet Sound Blender, Home Soy Milk Machine with Scheduled Heating, Fully Automatic Hands-Free Mixing Machine, Breakfast Machine, Cooking Machine 48 Decibels Low Sound FP01 Creamy White

BLAUPUNKT (BLAUPUNKT) Soft Sound Blender, Home Soy Milk Machine, Automatic Juicer, Mixer, Baby Food Machine, Grinding Cup Multifunctional Cooking Machine PB03 White

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